Exterior Hazard Abatement

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Compliance Guide coverThe Exterior Hazard Abatement program is designed to reduce or prevent the spread of wildfire from one property to another. Each year, the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District notifies thousands of property owners in wildland urban interface areas of the requirement for exterior hazard abatement. The term "exterior hazard abatement" is used to address any overgrowth of grasses, weeds, shrubbery or trees. Exterior hazard abatement standards have been designed to minimize fire hazards throughout the District. Through abatement efforts, all property owners and citizens can be assured of a safer fire season.

COVID-19 business shutdowns, closures, and supply/material chain disruptions have had significant impacts on everyone who lives and works in the District. The District is aware that most of the weed abatement contractors have temporally suspended operations and residents who perform their own weed abatement, may not have started the process while coping with “shelter in place” demands, and understands that some lots will not have full weed abatement compliance by the May 31st date. If you are in this situation, please feel free to contact District staff for assistance. We are here to work with you, whatever your circumstance, in arriving at a mutually agreeable date for you to achieve compliance with the District Weed Abatement regulation.

The San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District does not make any recommendations concerning Weed Abatement Service Providers. We do, however, maintain a list of providers in our area.

Report a Fire Hazard

If you see a property that needs attention, please complete the complaint form. Complaints will be taken after the May 31st deadline and will be incorporated into the normal inspection process.

Want to Learn More?

The Fire District offers free Ready, Set, Go classes for residents on wildfire preparedness or we can bring the class to your Homeowners Association or group. To register for a class or arrange a workshop for your group, visit Wildfire Preparedness.

Contact Numbers

925-838-6600 San Ramon Valley Fire Exterior Hazard Abatement
925-314-3361 Town of Danville Code Enforcement
925-313-2000 County Public Works
1-800-743-5000 PG&E Vegetation Management
925-973-2800 City of San Ramon Public Services Department
925-313-6587 Contra Costa Health Services - Hazardous Materials Program
1-888-327-2757 East Bay Regional Park District


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