Homeland Security

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"The September 11, 2001, attacks hit the United States with an awesome force. Americans discovered the power of a small group of determined terrorists to strike a terrible blow, but we also discovered the tremendous heroism of our first responders and the courage of our fellow citizens. If our country learned the costs of such an attack, we learned as well the critical importance of becoming better prepared to prevent others like it in the future. For many Americans, homeland security, which once seemed largely a fiction of the silver screen, now became a necessary - if unwelcome - focus. Public officials across the country soon found this challenge at the very center of their work."

-Dick Thornburgh, former attorney general of the United States

As first responders, San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District personnel play a key role in homeland security. Our firefighters are equipped and trained for nearly any situation including a terrorist attack, natural disaster or other large-scale emergency. Our operations and planning staff are prepared to bring together the information and resources necessary to effectively direct and control major incident activities.

The District stocks and can readily access appropriate drug prophylaxis, vaccination doses and medical supplies, in concert with our public health partners, when needed. Public information strategies and technical methods can set in motion recommendations on specific actions our citizens can take to protect their families in a wide scale emergency. On the ground, District paramedics are trained to provide triage, treatment, and transportation methods appropriate for incidents of this nature.

Although no agency can be fully prepared for a truly extraordinary event, District managers continually evaluate and improve capabilities to best protect and serve our citizens in this new era.