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Knowing what is going on during an emergency is very important. Take the time to learn about the various technologies available to keep you informed during an emergency.

Pulsepoint App
An innovative iPhone and Android application that gives users a virtual window into the Fire District's 911 Dispatch Center. This location aware application also has the ability to crowd source trained volunteers to CPR needed events. 

1610 am Radio
The City of San Ramon owns the license for a local traffic advisory radio system on the AM radio band. All automobiles are required by law to be equipped with an am radio for emergency information. Tune to 1610 AM, in your car or on your portable radio, to find out what is going on in the San Ramon Valley.

Community Warning System
Contra Costa County can send an alert to your mobile phone when public health or safety is threatened by a natural or human caused event. Register your mobile phone today.

2-1-1 is the national, toll-free, three-digit phone number to call for information about all kinds of local health and social services. Calls are answered 24 hours per day, 365 days per year by trained information and referral specialists at the Contra Costa Crisis Center.

My Hazard
Explore this website to find out exactly what hazards affect your home or business. Simply enter an address and the website will give you all the information you need to know about all hazards that could affect your home or business.

Flood Insurance Rate Maps
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maintains records on all flood hazards across the United States. Find out if you are in a flood plain risk area and what you need to do to insure your home and business.

Local Hazard Mitigation Plans
All local cities, towns and special districts are required to document how they manage the construction and maintenance of property and facilities in order to minimize the effects of an emergency or disaster. The information contained on this page provides you with this important local information.

Contact List

In an emergency, here are some useful contacts to obtain information from key public and private service agencies: