General Business Inspection Checklist

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  • Street address must be clearly marked and visible (in contrasting color) from the street fronting the property.
  • Fire Hydrants located on your property must be visible and accessible at all times, with three feet of clearance on all sides and no parking within 10 feet.
  • Exit doors must open easily from the inside. Locking mechanisms on doors shall not require special knowledge or keys. The only exception is a main storefront door with a sign above that reads “This door to remain unlocked when building is occupied.”
  • Aisles, walkways, stairways, and paths leading to exits must be clear of storage and obstructions.
  • Emergency lights and exit signs (that are lighted from within) must work properly and function in both normal and emergency power mode. Lighted exit signs must be lit at all times.
  • Electrical outlets, junction boxes, and circuit breaker panels must be covered, with appropriate cover plate. Circuit breaker panels require 30 inches of clearance in front of each panel.
  • Electrical extension cords cannot be used as a substitute for permanent wiring. Extension cords are only approved for “temporary use” (operating a vacuum cleaner, powering a tool while making a repair etc.). Multi-outlet power strips with a built-in circuit breaker may be used to protect computers and related equipment.
  • Fire extinguishers must be visible, readily accessible, and serviced or purchased new within the past 12 months.
  • Fire sprinkler systems shall be serviced and tested annually by a licensed fire protection contractor and inspected quarterly.
  • Fire suppression systems for commercial cooking operations (Hood Systems) must be serviced and tested at every six months by a licensed fire protection contractor.