Construction Projects

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The Capital Improvement Program (CIP), identifies the infrastructure needs of the District. The CIP establishes a management framework for projects supported in the Business Plan: acquisition of sites, construction of new fire stations and support facilities, and expansion, renovation and replacement of existing facilities. As a component of the Business Plan, the CIP provides an ordered listing of proposed projects, project descriptions and scope, construction schedules and budget impact. The CIP focuses on building and preserving the District's critical infrastructure while adding and protecting public value.

Recently the District completed several significant infrastructure projects. These include the replacement and relocation of Fire Station 36 in unincorporated Contra Costa County near Blackhawk, as well as the construction of the South Annex to Station 31 and ancillary sound wall in Danville. The Station 31 South Annex Building now houses the Communications Support Unit (CS131) which provides redundant command and control capabilities in case the District's primary 911 Dispatch Center in Danville is damaged in an earthquake or other disaster.

The principle CIP projects the District has scheduled for the current fiscal year include design and entitlement for the replacement and relocation of Fire Station 32 in Alamo, the construction of the Station 36 Annex Building in Danville, and the development of the Training Site located in the Tassajara Valley.

Explore the associated pages to see early project concepts and artist renditions to public notices and complete bid packages. Questions regarding construction projects should be directed to the Deputy Chief, Support Services.