Twitter is a messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices (sms, web, mobile web, instant message, third party applications, etc.). You can use Twitter to get short, timely messages from the District. The basic premise behind the service is providing an answer to the question,What are you doing? "We've expanded on the simple idea of being able to know what your friends and family are doing and thought you might be interested in the question "what are the firefighters doing? "So the next time a fire engine or ambulance passes you on the street or drives past your home in the San Ramon Valley, just head to and see what all the commotion is about. On mobile devices use the URL

    If you have a Twitter account and would like to "follow" District activities, visit one of our profile pages ( and click "follow" or send a text message to Twitter (40404 in the United States) with the words "follow username" from your phone. Our usernames are shown below.

    Incidents by Type
    Twitter Username Posted Updates
    srvfpd All Incidents
    srvfpd_xmed Incidents, excluding Medical Emergencies
    srvfpd_fires Structure/Vegetation Fires
    Incidents by Location
    Twitter Username Posted Updates
    srvfpd_alamo Incidents in the community of Alamo
    srvfpd_bhawk Incidents in the community of Blackhawk
    srvfpd_danville Incidents in the Town of Danville
    srvfpd_diablo Incidents in the community of Diablo
    srvfpd_sanramon Incidents in the City of San Ramon
    srvfpd_uccc Incidents in unincorporated Contra Costa County and surrounding area
    District News and Information
    Twitter Username Posted Updates
    srvfpd_cert Community Emergency Response Team Updates
    srvfpd_news District News and Events
    srvfpd_disaster Significant Emergency/Disaster Updates
    Contra Costa County Community Warning System
    Twitter Username Posted Updates
    CoCoCWS Community Warning System (CWS) Alerts (Terms of Service; Voice Alerts)

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