Hot Wheels Fire Rod

    San Ramon Valley Fire '40 Ford, Series 1 (#4 of 12)

    In 2000, Mattel, Inc.'s Hot Wheels Division selected the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District to be part of its "Hot Wheels Fire Department Rods" series. Series #1, released in 2000, and Series #2, released in 2001, both produced six "Ultimate Fire Cruisers." A 1940 yellow and black Ford hot rod pickup truck was selected to sport the San Ramon Valley Fire District's logo and was released as the fourth of Series #1's six vehicles. The packaging stated "When there's a four-alarm emergency, these Hot Wheels firefightin' hot rods will be the first to the rescue! We're dispatching a series of 12 scorchin' hot die-cast collectible vehicles - each inscribed with official insignia from fire departments across the country. Catch the heat!" The packaging also included an image of the District's firefighter badge and five fire safety tips.

    Hot Wheels and Matchbox have been producing Police and Fire series vehicles for many years. The police vehicles are known as the "Cop Rods" series.

    Series I Hot Rods
    Scorchin Scooter (Daytona Beach, FL) '69 El Camino (Torrance, CA) 3-Window '34 (North Pole, AK)
    '40 Ford (San Ramon, CA) '65 Impala Lowrider (Los Angeles, CA) '57 Chevy (Phoenix, AZ)
    Series II Hot Rods
    Dairy Delivery (Houston, TX) Anglia Panel (Pittsfield, MA) Tail Dragger (New Orleans, LA)
    Purple Passion (Miami-Dade, FL) '56 Ford Truck (Albuqueque, NM) Fiat 500C (Chicago,IL)

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