Code Summaries

    A code summary is a compilation of code sections related to a specific topic and does not contain any interpretations or District standards. The summary lists sections of code pertaining to a specific topic and puts them into simple, easy to understand language. Each document contains both the straightforward language as well as the actual code language with references.
    Code Summaries
     Candles (69 KB)
     Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning and Inspection (45.3 KB)
     Large Family Day-Care Homes (58.1 KB)
     Model Rockets (59.8 KB)
     Open Burning (54.1 KB)
     Portable LP-Gas Containers Awaiting Use or Resale (59.7 KB)
     Portable Outdoor Gas-Fired Heating Appliances (54.7 KB)
     Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (72.9 KB)
     Tents and Other Membrane Structures (84.8 KB)
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