Board Subcommittees

    A subcommittee is a subset of the full board which meets on an as-needed basis to oversee an ongoing area of District activity. There are five standing committees in the Fire District (membership shown below). Standing committees meet on a regular or irregular basis depending on the current needs of the District. Ad hoc, or working committees, are established to accomplish a particular task and are temporary in nature. Recent examples of working committees are the Pension Reform Ad hoc Subcommittee and the iPhone Application Foundation Ad hoc Subcommittee. Most subcommittees have a chairperson to establish the agenda and run the meetings. Subcommittee meetings are considered formal public meetings and subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act.

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    and Life Safety
    Facilities EMS Citizen Corp Council/PAC
    Director Parker, Chair Director Kerr, Chair Director Parker, Chair Director Stamey, Chair

    Director Campbell, Chair

    Director Kerr
    Director Yancey Director Yancey

    Director Campbell

    Director Campbell

    Director Parker

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