Executive Management Team
    The District's Executive Management Team consists of five functional areas: Operations, Emergency Medical Services/Logistics,Fire Prevention,Finance and Human Resources. Each area is overseen by a senior manager who reports directly to the Fire Chief. This team of individuals has the day-to-day responsibility of overseeing all aspects of District services and activities. The senior managers attend all meetings of the Board of Directors including most closed session matters.The Organization Chart diagrams and provides further information on the relationship between the elected Board of Directors and the various ranks and positions of the District.

    Fire Chief

    Paige Meyer is the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District's Fire Chief. The Fire Chief, appointed by and accountable to the Board of Directors, serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is the highest-ranking officer in the District. The Fire Chief is responsible for aligning District managers with the vision of the Board by developing and implementing appropriate management processes to accomplish the goals of the District's Strategic Plan and other key documents. The Fire Chief also serves as the Treasurer of the District and is responsible for developing the Annual Operating Budget and implementing the Business Plan and financial policies established by the Board and the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District Financing Corporation.


    Operations is managed by Deputy Chief Lon Phares.Operations is responsible for providing a coordinated and organized response to emergencies and other requests for service. The suppression Battalion Chiefs and the Training Chief report to the Deputy Chief of Operations.Operations also includes the Training,Rescue and Hazardous Materials divisions.The Training Division is responsible for developing and implementing an effective District-wide training program that teaches and supports the safe and appropriate actions of District personnel. The Training Division also ensures that systems and practices are in place and exercised to provide for documentation of all training activities. The Rescue Division supports the District's specialized Rescue Team which responds when a situation is particularly difficult or dangerous. The Rescue Team is trained and equipped to operate on any terrain (confined space, trench, cliffside, etc.) when a conventional rescue cannot be safely performed. The Hazardous Materials Division supports the District's specialized Hazmat Team which intervenes in chemical, biological and radiological accidents. The Hazmat Team is trained and equipped to deal with accidents and spills involving materials that are radioactive, flammable, explosive, corrosive, oxidizing, asphyxiating, bio-hazardous, toxic, pathogenic or allergenic.

    Emergency Medical/Logistics

    Emergency Medical Services/Logistics is managed by Deputy Chief, Derek Krause.Emergency Medical Services/Logistics includes the Emergency Medical Services,Facility, Fleet, Communications and Technology divisions. The Facilities Division is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of all District facilities as well as researching and implementing new technology to improve operational efficiency.The Emergency Medical Services Division is responsible for providing appropriate systems, processes and performance measures to facilitate the administration of patient care, record management and District ambulance operations. The Emergency Medical Services Division also facilitates ongoing professional development and continuing education of the District's paramedics and EMTs.The Fleet Division manages District apparatus and vehicles. The Communications Division is responsible for effectively managing the District's Communications Center, ensuring that citizens in need of emergency and non-emergency services are matched quickly and efficiently with the most appropriate resources. The Communications Center monitors incident radio traffic and maintains location and status information of District resources. The Technology Division is responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of the District's records and geographical information systems, communication systems and computing resources.

    Fire and Life Safety

    The Finance Department is responsible for financial policies, cash management and investments, accounting and budgeting, accounts receivable/payable, payroll, purchasing and fixed asset programs.
    Human Resources
    The Human Resources Division is responsible for recruiting, employee relations and communications, personnel policies and procedures,classification and compensation, labor negotiations, workers' compensation, employee record keeping, benefits administration and risk management oversight. The Human Resources Division acts as an advocate for both the District and its personnel.

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