About this Site

    Web 2.0The talented and creative design team behind this website was led by Project Manager Lucas Hirst. Information Officer/Fire Prevention Specialist Kim French also played a significant role in site content. Technology Systems Manager Steve Call managed the required software applications and network support. All divisions within the District had representatives participate in design and planning roundtables and many members of the organization contributed in small and large ways. The genesis of the project was a research paper written by Chief Price. The period from concept to go-live (April 1, 2009) was about 18 months.

    The District website has been consistently recognized for design and content excellence including the prestigious honor of being nominated for best government website by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Firedepartment.org was among five government sites worldwide to receive a Webby nomination in 2010. Hailed as the "Internet's highest honor" by the New York Times, the Webby is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. Additional awards can be viewed here.

    Web Content Management System
    Prior to the creation of this site the District utilized a centralized webmaster model to manage its website. This model essentially defines a hierarchy where a single individual with HTML expertise manages all aspects of the website. This role encompassed all planning, coding, production, and user interface responsibilities. Although this model worked well for many years, the site had grown to the point where information could no longer be consistently published in a timely and accurate manner. To address this reality the transition from a centralized webmaster to a decentralized distributed model utilizing a web content management system (WCMS) was planned and subsequently funded by the District Board.

    Decentralization is accomplished primarily by separating content from technical formatting thus eliminating the need for special skills to publish to the website. The concept of separating content from formatting was considered key to successfully addressing limitations of the current model. A web content management system that allowed original content creators in the District (such as job announcements by human resource staff, or Board agendas by the District Clerk) to publish their work directly to the website without intermediate intervention was implemented to achieve this goal. With a content management system now deployed, any authorized District employee can create, submit and maintain website content as assigned. Once submitted, automated workflow routines can route content to appropriate managers for review and approval prior to display on the live site if so desired.

    The District selected Civicasoft of Newport Beach, California for its web content management system (WCMS).

    Site Credits

    Our "Centralized Webmaster"
    Doug Kunst served faithfully for several years as the District's webmaster and played an important role in getting the District's online presence to where it is today. Doug continues to have a large role in the new site and is responsible for the live cameras.

    A significant portion of the original photography on this site was shot by Justin Bowen. Lucas Hirst is the photographer/videographer for the emergency scene images and footage.

    Communication Towers
    The District appreciates the support and assistance of NSA Wireless and CrownCastle with the live camera locations.

    Use of Site Photos
    Feel free to use incident photos from this site, however, please include the source reference "Image courtesy of FireDepartment.org" or something similarly respectful and informative. Base site photos, art and other creative work should not be used without written permission of the District.
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